Build-A-Bracelet Event

Host your own build a bracelet event with the help of Warren Jewellers.

Gather your friends, family and co-workers together for a fun event where each guest can create her own beaded bracelet. We will come to you providing all beading supplies and instruction!



For $30 per person and a 25% deposit, everyone in your group will make and take home their own custom beaded wrap bracelet. We will come to you with all of the necessary supplies and will assist in the bracelet making. For non-profits we will donate 25% of the proceeds to your charity! A minimum of 15 people are required to book an event.


You decide where!

It can be anywhere with tables and seating for your guests. It could be your home, a coffee shop or even your church! We will provide all of the necessary supplies for each guest to create a beautiful beaded wrap bracelet.




Contact Julie to set up your event.