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Diamonds Are Forever - How Can I Use My Existing Diamonds to Create a New Piece of Jewelry?

The age old saying “Diamonds are forever” comes from diamonds strength and durability. As we all know, diamonds are the hardest crystal known to man. They’re also the representation of everlasting love.

Since diamonds are so resilient, you’ve probably noticed that your grandmother is still sporting her original diamond from when she was first married 40+ years ago (go grandma!). And sometimes, whether it is from grandma or someone else, that diamond is passed down to you in perfect/great condition. Or you may already have a diamond that you want to reset in a new ring that fits your style as it is now. Or maybe you have one that has been laying around in your jewelry box for a few years.

Whatever the case, you may be wonder what can you do with your diamond?

Thankfully, here at Warren Jewellers, we specialize in custom creating unique pieces of jewelry to fit your diamond and personal style. Whether that’s an engagement ring, a fashion ring, a necklace, etc. you don’t have to settle for a pre-made setting or the original setting the diamond may be in. We also understand that not everyone’s situation is the same and using a preexisting diamond can be the best option for your budget. We’re proud to be able to use a stone so sentimental and full of history in a new custom piece. Let us create something together to continue that tradition in your own unique style.


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