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What Are The Best Colorful Gemstones To Use In Engagement Rings?

With all the different colorful gemstone options available, it may be hard to tell what gemstones are going to hold up and last throughout the years! Because we use our hands all day every day, our rings tend to experience a lot of wear and tear. Some gemstones (ex. sapphires) are going to withstand that force much better than others (ex. opals).

Here is the list of our favorite durable gemstones to use in engagement rings:


Of course, diamonds are extremely durable; they’re the hardest gemstone known to man (10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness)! But did you know both natural and lab grown diamonds are available in a variety of colors? When it comes to their color, natural diamonds get their coloring from trace elements that interacted with the carbon atoms during the diamond's creation. Lab grown diamonds get their coloring by adding different gases during the growing process. There is no difference in a diamond’s durability, whether it is white or any other color!


Moissanite is rapidly becoming one of the most popular center stones for engagement rings and fine jewelry. They are also the second hardest gemstone and are almost all exclusively lab created (9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness). Being found originally in meteorites, moissanites are extremely rare in their natural form. They not only come in a variety of different shapes/sizes, but also color. Moissanites have proven to be extremely durable and perfect for everyday wear!


Next in hardness are sapphires. Similar to the other gemstones on this list, they are available in both natural and lab grown. While there are quite a few different colors available in lab created sapphires, there are more hue and color variations available in natural (at this time). Not only are sapphires great for a center stone, but they also make a durable and colorful accent stone for any unique engagement ring!


Rubies belong to the same mineral family as sapphires, meaning that they have the exact same durability and hardness. Although they have less color options/variety, rubies still make a striking center stone or accent stone. Just like sapphires, moissanites and diamonds, they also come in both natural and lab created!

Try these gemstone alternatives in place of other popular, but soft, gemstones:

· Instead of morganite, try a peach or light pink sapphire.

· Instead of paraiba tourmaline, try a green moissanite.

· Instead of pink tourmaline, try a pink sapphire.

· Instead of citrine, try a yellow diamond, moissanite or sapphire.

· Instead of amethyst, try a purple moissanite or sapphire.

· Instead of grey spinel, try a grey moissanite or salt and pepper diamond.

· Instead of garnet, try a red diamond or ruby.

· Instead of tanzanite, try a light Ceylon blue sapphire.

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