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MariMar Rainbow Spectrum Ring

MariMar Rainbow Spectrum Ring

This gorgeous ring is inlaid with a variety of different colorful materials;


Red - garnet, ruby and crimson opal

Orange - carnelian, Mexican fire opal and blood orange opal

Yellow - Indonesian amber, citrine and marigold opal

Green - green goldstone, emerald and jade opal

Blue - apatite, lapis lazuli and arctic opal

Purple - amethyst, lepidolite and lavendar opal

Black Bands - black tourmaline

*all opals are synthetic (except Mexican fire opal)


Available in Black Ceramic, White Ceramic, Polished Tungsten and Hammered Tungsten.


Shown in 8mm Polished Tungsten.


MariMar Orders typically take 1-2 weeks to complete. Contact Warren Jewellers about customizing this ring!

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