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How To Keep Your Jewelry Safe When Traveling

Hey there, jewelry lovers! Summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for vacations, adventures, and making unforgettable memories. As custom jewelry designers, we know how much your pieces mean to you. Whether it's your engagement ring, a diamond necklace, or a custom bracelet, each item holds a special place in your heart. But what happens when life’s unpredictable moments put your treasured pieces at risk? That’s where jewelry insurance comes in!

Why Is Jewelry Insurance Important?

Protection Against Loss or Theft

1. Let’s face it, custom pieces can be a target for theft. Insurance ensures that if your jewelry is lost or stolen, you’re not left bearing it all alone. It’s like having a safety net for your sparkle!

Coverage for Damage

2. Accidents happen. Maybe you drop your ring in the ocean or a gemstone gets loose while golfing? The right insurance can cover the cost of repairs or even a replacement!

Peace of Mind

3. Knowing your valuable pieces are protected lets you wear and enjoy them without constant worry - you’re on vacation after all!

How to Insure Your Jewelry!

Choose the Right Insurance

Not all insurance policies are created equal. Look for one specifically designed for jewelry, as it will offer coverage tailored to valuable pieces. Some homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies might cover jewelry, but often the coverage limits are too low unless each item is specified. Also, investigate the details of what is or is not covered as most insurance will only cover loss or theft. We, at Warren Jewellers, suggest Jewelers Mutual as they will cover loss, theft, along with damage. We even use them for our personal jewelry!

Keep Documentation Handy

Keep detailed records of your jewelry, including photographs and receipts. This documentation will be invaluable if you ever need to file a claim.

Travel Tips!

With summer vacations on the horizon, the risk of loss, theft, or damage to your jewelry can increase. Here are a few tips to keep your pieces safe while traveling:

● Always keep your jewelry in your carry-on bag when flying. Checked luggage can be lost, delayed, or handled roughly, increasing the risk of damage or loss!

● Invest in a good travel jewelry case with compartments and padding to keep your items organized and protected. Separate your diamond and gemstone jewelry as damage can occur if they rub or hit up against each other.

● Take off your jewelry when you go into the ocean, a lake, pool, and even a hot tub. Your rings might be more likely to fall off in water, especially if it’s cooler water. Not to mention some chemicals in pools and hot tubs can damage jewelry over time.

● Only bring the pieces you plan to wear and leave the rest in a secure place at home. This minimizes the risk and makes it easier to keep track of your items.

● Before you travel, verify that your insurance policy covers your jewelry while you’re away from home. Some policies may have restrictions or require additional coverage for international travel.

● If you’re still worried about bringing your wedding rings, opt for wearing one of our Recon silicone rings instead.

Stop By The Store!

Before you travel:

Do you have any concerns about your jewelry catching on clothing or the metal looking worn? Let us check your jewelry to make sure your stones are tight and secure - it only takes a few minutes!

After you come back:

Enjoy a complimentary cleaning to remove any sunscreen or sand from your jewelry!

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