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Dive Into The Allure Of June's Most Popular Birthstone

Let’s talk pearl jewelry!

But first, the basics! Pearls, the gemstones of the sea, are formed when a tiny grain of sand or a small object gets inside an oyster's shell. The oyster then covers the intruder with a shiny substance called nacre, which builds up layer by layer, creating a beautiful pearl.

Pearls come in many different shapes, sizes, and types. There are the Akoya pearls, renowned for their classic natural beauty. Then, the Tahitian pearls, that come in mesmerizing shades like midnight black and peacock greens. And let’s not forget the budget-friendly and most popular freshwater cultured pearls, which come in a rainbow of colors and shapes!

Throughout history, pearls have been loved and worn by famous figures like queens and empresses. Many believed that pearls had special powers and brought good luck. Pearls became a symbol of elegance and beauty. With famous historical figures such as Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I adoring and wearing them, pearls quickly became symbols of elegance and beauty.

Although previously associated with grandma's jewelry box, pearls have come a long way in the fashion world. They have broken free from their traditional settings! New trends emerging are modern twists on classic designs, such as asymmetrical pearl earrings or layered pearl necklaces. There has also been a rise in minimalist pearl jewelry; with delicate pearl pendants and dainty bracelets becoming increasingly popular.

Remember, whether you opt for classic pearl studs or daring pearl-accented accessories, these gems of the sea will always be a captivating choice. So, dive into the world of pearls and make your own style statement!


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