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How soon should you get your wedding bands before your big day?

Let’s set the scene: You recently got proposed to by the love of your life and you both just picked the perfect date for your wedding. You have almost everything planned out; the cake, the venue, the flowers, a DJ, etc. But wait! What about your wedding bands?

Since you will be wearing these every day for forever, they're a pretty important part of your wedding and marriage, so you may want to plan accordingly and fit them in your wedding budget early.

Some wedding planning sites say to start your wedding bands a month before the wedding; however, we (at Warren Jewellers) suggest starting them at least 8 weeks before – if not more! The reason behind this is, depending on you and your fiance, you may need a completely custom-made band. Custom creations typically take 4-6 weeks to cast and set, so you should always add a little bit of wiggle room just in case we need to make adjustments!

Regardless of when you decide to get your wedding bands, Warren Jewellers is proud to help you check one more thing off your wedding to-do-list!



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